Camp Sasakwa

Situated in Hughes County near Holdenville, Oklahoma,  Camp Sasakwa is used for primitive, short-term camping only. Camp Sasakwa serves as a low-impact, high adventure opportunity for Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts and Venturers and Sea Scouts.

Water, food, and supplies MUST be packed in and all REFUSE packed out! Given the remote nature of this camp, reservations must be coordinated with the Service Center  NO LESS THAN TWO WEEKS before your anticipated trip. A local land owner maintains a gate on the road leading to camp. The Service Center in OKC maintains the combination to that entrance and it is rotated frequently by the owner.  Pack in an adequate water supply. PLEASE REMEMBER THERE ARE NO POTABLE WATER SOURCES FOR MANY MILES. Make sure your troop is well prepared before an outing to Sasakwa.

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Map to Camp Sasakwa

Map of Camp Sasakwa