Last Frontier CouncileNewslettersDecember 2012 Cub Scout e-Newsletter

This is the Last Frontier Council's eNewsletter for the month of December 2012.  Please click the title of any of the subjects below for more information about a topic.  E-news signup to join our mailing list. Click here to access the Boy Scout Version of the eNewsletter.

Journey To Excellence

Scorecards Now Available Online

The new 2013 JTE scorecards for packs are now online.  Go to and look for the box labeled "2013 Scorecards."

Recharter Plan

Details for the Recharter Months-Dec-Jan-Feb-Mar

The District Leadership and Commissioner Staff have developed a plan to help our Scouting programs operate better and serve more kids. To see the calendar click the link above. Make sure to look at the month your individual Cub Scout Pack, Boy Scout Troop, Varsity Team, or Venture Crew recharters.

Parent Tip

Help Children Do Their Best On Group Projects

Adults can actively assist in raising the comfort level and performance abilities of their kids and other group members.  Read more...

Activity Idea

Jelly Bean Relay Game

Equipment:  Plastic spoon for each Scout; bowl of empty jelly beans, lemon drops, or M&Ms for each team; empty bowl for each team.

Preparation:  Set the full bowls on one end of the play area.  Set the empty bowls on the other.  NOTE:  Tell everyone to NOT put the eating side of the spoons in their mouth and then give each scout a plastic spoon.

Instructions:  The objective is to move as many items from one bowl to the other in a set time.  Hold HANDLE of the spoon in your mouth.  With hands behind your back, pick up a bean with the spoon and take it to the other bowl.  If you drop a bean, you must pick it up and start over.  You must getyour bean to the bowl before getting another bean.

Update Your Program Online

Service Hours

When youth do service projects to help others in their community - be sure to enter their hours in the online tracking system! Click the headline above to go to the link.

Online Advancement

Did you know you can enter your Pack's advancement records and have the badges link directly back to each Scout's membership account? Click the link in the headline above to the BSA National online Internet Advancement system!

Meinders Oklahoma City Scout Shop

Council Information

Oklahoma City Gaylord Scout Service Center  3031 N.W. 64th St., Oklahoma City,  73116  (405) 840-1114

Meinders Oklahoma City Scout Shop  3031 N.W. 64th St, Oklahoma City,  73116          (405) 848-2426

Laura Fields Council Service Center and Scout Shop  620 Cache Rd, Lawton,  73507  (580) 357-3633


Get your Cub Scout Leader Basic training updated now online!

  1.  Go to
  2. Upper right corner click on LOG IN
  3. Log in with your username and password
  4. On the left side of the page under Training, click on E-learning
  5. Bottom left side of the page, click on Cub Scout
  6. Scroll down to take your leader specific training course.
  7. When finished, print your training certificate.
  8. If you have a problem getting the certificate to print out, or it doesn’t show in your training validation, please email Colleen Bicket.

Direct contact leaders’ training is counted in your pack’s Journey to Excellence goals.  (This includes Den Leaders and Cubmasters.)  Get your training completed by the end of the year!

Your District Roundtable events are great places to get more information on training!  Many districts are planning a specific training that is held at their monthly Roundtables.  Contact your District Training Chairman, District Commissioner, or District Executive to see what is planned!

Trainers Edge

If you are a Cub Scout leader who is involved with training in your pack or district, you should have taken Trainer’s EDGE.  The next course is Saturday, January 5, 2013.  For questions, please e-mail Jim Martin.  You can currently sign up by clicking here

Outdoor Leaders Skills for Webelos Leaders (OWL)

Are you planning to become a Webelos leader?  Are you new to the position and need a course designed to enhance the outdoor experience for the Webelos in your den?   The course for you is Outdoor Leader Skills for Webelos Leaders (OWL).  It is taught the same weekends as the IOLS courses for Boy Scout Adult Leaders.  The next opportunity for this course will be February 15-17, 2013.  You can sign up by clicking here.

Wood Badge

Are you interested in meeting other adult Scouting leaders and learning leadership skills along with team development?  If so, Wood Badge is for you.  Two courses will be held in Last Frontier Council in 2013.  You can find current information on both of these courses at

Upcoming Events

Cub Scouts Bright Night

Sponsored by Science Museum Oklahoma.  3 fun-filled overnighters remain, one each in January, March and April.  Click here for the flyer with additional information.

OU Bedlam Basketball

Join the OU men's basketball team this season with discounted tickets as they take on Oklahoma State in Norman on January 12th at 2 pm.  Additional details are available here.

Scout Zoo Programs

The Oklahoma City Zoo iss offering many opportunities for Scouts to enjoy the Zoo and learn about the animal world.  Read more...